Bentley Continental GT3-R shows its Power on Ice

Bentley returns to the icy north of Finland for Power on Ice 2015, the ultimate winter ice-driving experience that elevates the concept of ice driving to the extreme. The Bentley Continental GT3-R is limited to just 300 examples, one is in situ at Power on Ice 2015, piloted by Kankkunen when he will demonstrate the prowess on the ice that broke two ice speed records – both in a Bentley.

Hosted in characteristic Bentley luxury, the home of the event is the boutique hotel of Chalet Ruka Peak. Relaxing evening meals savouring contemporary Finnish cuisine and a traditional smoke sauna afford guests time to unwind after an adrenaline fuelled day, with a night-time Husky-sled safari adventure to a historic reindeer farm completing the immersion into Finnish culture and ensuring a truly unique experience. Guests can select from a range of accommodation, with prices starting from €11,340 per person.

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