The World's Most Innovative Catwalk at a Solar Power Plant

On 17 July, model and entrepreneur Jessica Minh Anh marked a revolutionized move in modern fashion presentation when she transformed the award-winning solar power plant, Gemasolar, into the world’s newest catwalk in between sun rays and storm.

Vietnamese celebrity designer Hoang Hai has created a unique style, simultaneously lavish, sexy and glamorous. Made with modern fitted skirts, high quality materials like lace, brocade, tulle from Italy and precious stones from Swarovski, every dress is finely crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a completely unique design each time.

Jessica Minh Anh walking for Hoang Hai at the J Summer Fashion Show 2015 

Jessica Minh Anh and Hoang Hai at the show finale

Captivating the audience in a completely different style, Beijing-based Spanish designer Paloma Sanchez premiered an exquisite jewelry collection influenced by Chinese culture. The luxury pieces unveiled the beauty of uncut stones with rare formations as well as a fluid combination of Oriental charm and European chic.

Jessica Minh Anh walking for Paloma Sanchez at the J Summer Fashion Show 2015 
Models highlighted their perfect silhouette in dramatic maxi dresses. Designed by Sevilla’s very own fashion talent Pilar Vera, she inserted romance and glamour onto the sunshine catwalk.

Jessica Minh Anh walking for Pilar Vera at the J Summer Fashion Show 2015 

Pilar Vera accessories

Pakistani designer Syeda Amera believes in creating something out of the box for her clientele, which would give them distinctive and individual attire. She is fuelled with immense creative imagination and unique design sensibility. Her label includes prêt-­a­‐porter, haute couture and bridals. Syeda Amera magnifies femininity working with fine materials, delicate embroideries with outstanding quality.

Model walking for Syeda Amera at the J Summer Fashion Show 2015

Focusing on intricate details and futuristic patterns, Turkish jewelry brand Ekria came in next with architectural pieces in gold and silver. The striking laser-cut collection portrayed both simplicity and versatility, which signified the concept of wearable art.

Jessica Minh Anh with the other models at the Ekria show finale at the J Summer Fashion Show 2015 

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